Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Pimento Cheese in Dallas

 She’s preggers and pining for pimento cheese.

 Hello Nancy!! I read your column where you help people find things. Please lead me to some good pimento cheese. Ever since I got pregnant I find myself with a box of Triscuits and a tub of pimento cheese from Tom Thumb. I tried making Paula Deen’s recipe and it’s good but I hate cleaning my food processor. Ideas?

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  1. Second for Kubys, or Two Sisters Catering (can buy to go in small sizes at either location).

  2. Central Market has some pretty good pimento cheese, only it’s not really. It’s called “Chipotle Cheese Spread” or something like that. In the ready-made section near the olives and what not. Not pimento, but I find it scratches the itch.

    The best pimento cheese in the world you can make at home, and it also doesn’t have pimentos or require a food processor.

    Gipson’s “Pimento” Cheese:
    Extra sharp cheddar cheese, in the block
    Mayonnaise (homemade if you’re naughty)
    Sambal chili paste
    Slivered almonds
    Green onions or scallions, thinly sliced on the bias
    Salt, pepper

    Shred the cheese using the largest holes on a standing cheese grater (never make this recipe with pre-shredded). Mix in everything else and stir, using the minimal amount of mayonnaise that you can, no more than 1 or 2 tablespoons. Adjust the heat by using more or less sambal. I like it spicy and tend to go heavy with it.

    Sambal is an Indonesian red chili paste that you can find in Asian food stores and most supermarkets. It’ll be near the soy sauce if they have it. Sambal has the fruity flavor and vinegary tang of pickled pimentos, but it’s supercharged with flavor and spice. It can be quite hot sometimes, so if you’re sensitive, start slow.

    (In my not-asked-for opinion, the modern obsession with Sriracha is way off. It should be for sambal, which has twice the flavor and complexity, a more compelling heat profile and really is just better in every way.)

  3. Empire Baking Co. makes a mean Pimento Cheese Sandwich – and you can buy it by itself in a big cup too. You can find it in their retail store in Inwood Village

  4. Corner Bakery on Greenville won best sandwich in DFW (a bunch of years ago) for their pimento cheese sandwich. I also just went to Tried & True last week and they have pimento cheese on the menu as a “bar snack”.

  5. Bosla Mercado’s is really tasty but it needs to be warmed up before serving. It can be a little thick.

  6. Wholefoods sells a sensational tub of pimento cheese spread. With, or without jalapeno.

  7. “In my not-asked-for opinion, the modern obsession with Sriracha is way off. It should be for sambal…”

    AMEN…Brother Gipson speaks the TRUTH!


    When is Side Dish going to cover the best of the delicious food in SOUTH DALLAS? Delicious treats that you CAN’T GET NORTH OF I-30? That would show those sanctimonious SOBs at the Belo Corp.

    Elaine’s Caribbean Food, 2717 MLK
    Rudy’s Fried Chicken, 3115 S. Lancaster
    Wingfield’s Burgers, 2615 S. Beckley
    Tomorrow Catfish, 3200 S. Lancaster
    Sweet Georgia Brown BBQ, 2840 E. Ledbetter
    Two Podners BBQ, 1441 Robert B. Cullum
    Gonzales Mexican, 8121 Bruton

  9. The best Pimento Cheese in Dallas is at DISH from Chef Garreth Dickey. How does White Cheddar Pimiento Cheese sound… Served with Briche Toast Points, Truffled Mushrooms for $10 and from 4PM – 7PM the restaurant features Happy Hour and it’s only $5.00 during that time.