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H & D BBQ & Grill Opens in Richardson

Blue skies over barbecue in Richardson.

I’m on a Tex-Mex eating marathon. My goal is to cover 17 spots in 7 days. Yesterday, after my second lunch, I spotted H & D BBQ & Grill, the ampersand-friendly barbecue joint that recently opened in the spot formerly known as Vitality House in Promenade Center. I was too bloated to get out of the car, so I snapped this shot from the car. I felt pretty good about discovering a new barbecue joint in Richardson. Then, just before I wrote this post, I Googled the name and there she was: Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins with a full report. She shined the light on owners Dave and Hazel Harrison. Gubbshoe reports Dave’s family has been the barbecue business for 150 years.

Yow. Zah. That’s before the Oklahoma land rush and Far & Away, the worst movie ever made.  I don’t remember seeing Tom Cruise or Nicole Kidman eating brisket or ribs in that flick. Go. Eat. Report.