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Si Lom Thai Asian Fusion Opens on Oak Lawn Avenue

Our gal on the street with a sharp eye for detail snapped this picture while driving. Si Lom Thai Asian Fusion is in the subterranean space formerly known as d’Carlo and, before that, Daniele Osteria. The address is 3300 Oak Lawn next door to Goody Goody. They are open.

  • Annie

    According to Yelp, this place has the same owners at Thai Express, which closed a few months ago, but planned would reopen in a new location. I guess this is their new place! Super excited to try it since Thai Express was my favorite Thai place in Dallas!

  • Annie

    And I see they are still next to a liquor store lol…

  • joeat

    But, this location scares me as nothing has ever made it as it is almost hidden. It was originally a Greek Taverna restaurant and has been so many things since. I really want these people to make it, this just may not be the best location.

  • twinwillow

    And, just across the street in plain view is the Green Papaya. Which IMHO, is not even close to being authentic Vietnamese or, Thai.

  • Cellarmaster

    Nancy, ok I have a complaint. We live in a digital world where the first thing I do now is look for a company’s website. Si Lom dallas has the same “coming soon” that Stampede 66 has. Do restaurant folks not think that a fully functional website is important? Surely they have menus set and enough information to fill out an “about us section” and “location/hours/contact us”. Welcome to 2012. Should I hand write my letter of complaint and send it US postal servicvel for a response?