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Pig Out at the Texas State Veggie Fair 2012

In the midst of composing my list of healthy options at the State Fair of Texas, I completely forgot that there is, in fact, a separate Texas State Veggie Fair for people who prefer the middle ground between eating healthy and going all fried out. You+Dallas made this pretty video composed of footage from the 2011 TSVF, which explains what veganism is and what it’s all about. If you still don’t get how vegans are saving the world one animal at a time, you’re lucky there’ll be guest speakers from places like Mercy for Animals to guide you through the problems surrounding animal cruelty.

Basically, TSVF is a gathering point for animal rights activists, fried healthy food fanatics, and even yoga-enthusiasts. Teresa Gubbins has a list of all the fried food finalists here, and the very unhealthy looking list includes desserts like fried tiramisu cheesecake, which I can most certainly get behind.

The Texas State Veggie Fair takes place at Reverchon Park this year instead of Winfrey Point on October 21, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is free, but a $5-$10 donation is suggested.

2 comments on “Pig Out at the Texas State Veggie Fair 2012

  1. I’m SO going to this this year! Been trying to go for years but this time it needs to happen. I’d forgotten it was coming up…thanks for the reminder, Carol!

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