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9 comments on “Patrizio and Bailey’s Grille in Cedar Hill are Closed

  1. I think that is a good business decision. Focus on the stores that do well and shut down the under performers. The “big boys” do it all the time. I heard Macaroni Grill shut down in Cedar Hill as well recently.

  2. I am hopeful Patrizio’s in Highland Park Village will soon close and be replaced with a great Italian pizzeria.

  3. Last I time I was at the HP location it smelled so much like old fish that I couldn’t even eat.

  4. um, just because someone SAYS they are the “head honcho” it doesn’t mean that they are. lies on top of lies, it’s the kuczwaj way.

  5. This makes me so sad. Patrizio’s in Cedar Hill was my favorite place to go for dinner. How is Black Eyed Pea always so crowded and a really good restaurant doing so poorly? Argh.