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Big Thought’s Fourth Annual Food for Thought Event was a Major Success

Chef Tiffany Derry's pan-seared scallop on creamed corn (photos by Melisa Oporto)

Big Thought, a leading nonprofit benefitting public education through creative learning, pulled off another successful Food for Thought event this past Saturday at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. Food for Thought featured foods from celebrity chefs and local big-name restaurants of Dallas, so if you missed it, there’s always next year.

Jump for photos and the play-by-play.

The menu included items like Restaurant Ava and Boulevardier’s beef tongue pastrami, which (if you can get over the less-than-stellar appeal of eating tongue) was actually quite delicious.

Another delectable came from Two Sisters To Go. It was an applewood bacon waffle with chipotle lime shrimp, mango pico de gallo, and raspberry jalapeño jelly. This was not only a mouthful to say, but one to eat. It was a perfect bite of sweet and hot and had me ready to convert from chicken and waffles to shrimp and waffles. The show stopper of the night, however, came from Top Chef contestant and restaurateur, Executive Chef Tiffany Derry of Private | Social.

T. Derry

Derry wowed the crowd with her pan-seared scallops placed atop a bed of Texas creamed corn. Attendee Matt Stringer attested that Derry’s dish was his definite favorite, saying, “The crunchy sear on the scallops and sweet seasonal corn was perfect.”

Derry, who supported the event last year said she loved “cooking in the moment and enticing the crowds with all of the delicious smells.”

Delicious smells and tastes were the perfect recipe to make this fundraising event a success and be a support to children in Dallas. Mark Melton, the Food for Thought chair said, “Today in America, there is a necessity for new thinking.” Big Thought’s programs have, through creative teaching, helped students that participated to excel in other areas like reading and math and have helped Dallas see an overall improvement in education.

Melton added, “In Dallas, things are looking up.”

With Food for Thought continuing to be a major success, one can only expect next year’s event to be bigger, better, and even more delicious.

Frontiers of Flight Museum
Kruffles display (left); American flag (right)
Red Velvet Kruffles by Stephanie Worsham of Kruffles Dallas
Green papaya salad with Asian beef jerky, lemon basil, and tangy soy sauce by Khanh Nguyen of DaLat





  • TheBrad

    People should eat more tongue.
    As well as octopus, sweetbreads, marrow, and some various offal.
    Dallas’ palate has been becoming more refined in the last 3-4 years – let’s keep it up!