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Trader Joe’s in Plano Will Open on September 7

Thursday, August 30 at 2PM.

The culinarily curious only have to wait until September 7, just one week from today. That’s the date set for the grand opening on Trader Joe’s in Plano. If you want to do more than shop at Trader Joe’s, you can click here and apply for a job.(They offer full benefits and 10% off store items.) Address is 2400 Preston Road  Plano, TX 75093. (northwest corner of shopping center at W. Park & Preston Rd)
If you could only purchase three items at Trader Joe’s, what would they be? (They’re listening!)

11 comments on “Trader Joe’s in Plano Will Open on September 7

  1. (1) The frozen chicken taquitos (2) Organic dark chocolate bars (3) The honey-mango shaving cream. Seriously, that stuff is so amazing I bought 12 bottles before I moved out of Arizona. Can’t wait to buy it again!

  2. The tea tree oil facial pads, chicken jerky treats for dogs, and all of the pasta products.

  3. Pineapple Chips (dried), Mac n Cheese, Belgian chocolate nonparels.

    Ill be there opening day.

  4. Correction: NE Corner of Park/Preston – The spot that was once a Kroger Signature Store – Now divided into three retailers, one being Trader Joes

  5. 1. Vanilla Joe Joe’s
    2. Trail Mix with cranberries and cashews in individually wrapped packs
    3. Coffee

    There are so many other items!! Can’t wait!!

  6. Love the Vegan Trail Mix Cookies (and I’m not even vegan) – they’re almost like healthy peanut butter cookies with trail mix added in.
    My sisters LOVE their shampoo (tea tree, I think?), and, in fact, have carted it back in luggage from California.
    Good chocolate too.
    The whole place feels like a candy store for foodies/hungry people.

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