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Mesa in Oak Cliff is Robbed

I just stumbled upon Robert Wilonsky’s report on DMN Crime Blog: Mesa, the Veracruz-style Mexican restaurant on Jefferson Avenue was robbed last night. According to Big Bob, the creeps bashed in the front door and swiped all of the liquor and TVs. BB spoke with Jaretzy Reyes, the general manager and daughter of owners/chefs Raul and Olga Reyes, and she says she reported suspicious people to the police before she left the restaurant and they didn’t respond. She got a call early this morning about the break in. Undaunted, Mesa will be open for business as unusual tonight. Be there with more than bells on.

9 comments on “Mesa in Oak Cliff is Robbed

  1. Is there anything we can do to help – a fund of some sort? This is very tragic to such a well deserving, talented, hard working family. We all need to support these people and this great restaurant.

  2. Its called insurance fraud. Its what all bars and restaurants do when they arent doing well. Just saying….

  3. My best to the wonderful Reyes family. If anybody can get thru this, they can. They’re an amazing, hard working family.

  4. The restaurant was burglarized, not robbed. Robbery occurs when a person is threatened with harm.

  5. I agree with joeat, this loss of televisions is “very tragic.” Unfortunately, we will now have to coin a new word for the death of a child, a merciless wasting disease contracted in one’s prime, or a brutal, unwarranted assault that leaves one quadriplegic.

    No insurance policy or show of suppport from loyal customers can ever make the world right again after this devastating tragedy.