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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Chocolate Eclairs in Dallas

She loves us and we love her back. Let’s pool our resources and make her happy.

I love SideDish & hope you and your readers can help me out. I am in search of good eclairs in Dallas.  Really good ones with a chocolate filling & topping.  My 80+ year old Dad grew up eating them from McKenzie’s Bakery in New Orleans & I’d like to surprise him with some. La Madeleine used to have them but not anymore.

13 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Chocolate Eclairs in Dallas

  1. Central Mkt has really good vanilla filled eclairs. Not sure about chocolate filled, though. You might try a special order from Rush Patisserie.

  2. Try Rush Patisserie in Oak Cliff. If Samantha doesn’t already make them with chocolate filling, I believe she takes special orders. Easily the best pastry shop in Dallas, especially for eclairs, etc…

  3. May consider calling Jimmy’s Italian Market in East Dallas. Mary (the sister) makes cream puff which are amazing (way better than central market cream puffs), and may be willing to make eclairs for the special occation?

  4. Thirding Rush Patisserie. Samantha is a serious pastry artist and she uses the best ingredients. She can make anything.

  5. The best I’ve had–with chocolate filling and topping–was at Eclair Bistro in Cedar Hill. It’s worth the drive.

  6. Had one from Hank’s last night (who knew they were open at night?) with a Barvarian cream filling. It was beyond words good…and a very fare price.

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  8. There is a hidden place in Cedar Hill called (ironically) Eclairs. The owner is a retired New Orleans cop, so talk about you really can go home again. Enjoy. I sure did.

  9. Oh my! I haven’t heard anyone mention McKenzie’s Bakery in New Orleans before. I grew up going there every Sunday! I loved all the baked goods!

  10. Main Street Baking Company (Grapevine and Plano) makes a tasty eclair (not my favorite type of pastry but these are good) ….