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New Nick & Sam’s Grill Names New Chef: Richard Blankenship

A soldier of fortune is a man called Palladino. Joseph Palladino.

Mike “Thrilla InTha” Hiller reports former Charlie Palmer at the Joule chef, the talented Richard Blankenship, will head the kitchen at the new Nick & Sam’s Grill. What is the new Nick & Sam’s Grill you ask? The one replacing Ristorante Nicola just south of Preston Center near the Park Cities.The new Nick & Sam’s Grill is the first partnership for Nicola’s owner Richard Gussoni and N&S bossman Joseph “Badda Bing” Palladino. They plan an early October opening. (Nicola’s up north is open for business) Hmm. Nick & Sam’s Grill, Sevy’s, Houston’s, Rathbun’s Blue Plate, (maybe) Tesar’s Spoon all within an olive toss of each other? Gonna be fun watching the numbers on this situation.

5 comments on “New Nick & Sam’s Grill Names New Chef: Richard Blankenship

  1. You forgot to add Bowen’s Cafe Expresso! Come check us out- we have an impressive following. Bowen’s Cafe Expresso is a charming neighborhood cafe to with great food and a full bar!
    6135 Luther Lane, in Preston Center.

  2. If Rick Blankenship is in the kitchen the clients will keep coming back. Talented is an understatement!

  3. Richard is one of the better chefs in Dallas, and a good man. I am looking forward to the opening!

  4. Chef Blankenship’s time has come. He is a dedicated Culinarian who is passionate about his craft. He aspires to improve yet remains effective.

  5. Looking forward to Rick’s food in this area. Can’t wait for them to open. Isn’t Joe the retired NYPD who donated all the revenue from Nick & Sam’s one night to the 911 fund? Classy act.