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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Onion Soup in Dallas

She’s lean and mean and fights against the machine. She digs hot, cheesy (not salty) soup during the dogs days of summer. She barks:

My husband was transferred to Dallas and we have just moved here. He is originally from France and we love the simple food of France. Our favorite restaurant in LA is Comme Ca. Is there anything like Comme Ca in Dallas. We are particularly fond of their onion soup covered with melted Gruyère.

14 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Onion Soup in Dallas

  1. Try L’Ancestral in Travis Walk. Many of the patrons predate the Eiffel Tower, but the food is good if old school. Or, talk a walk around the corner and order the french onion soup at Toulouse on Knox. Both are excellent.

  2. Boulevardier in Oak Cliff has the best French onion soup as well as other amazing French bistro food.

  3. OK, it’s probably nothing like Comme Ca, but the Old Monk has some pretty freaking fantastic onion soup. And an incredible cheese tray. With a Purple Jesus to drink with it, you could almost believe you’re in LA.

  4. I was not a fan of french onion soup until I tried it at Kenny’s in Addison. Loved it, and now I get it every time we go there, regardless of the weather. Definitely worth trying!