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Hot Dang. Stephan Pyles is Now a Blogger, Too.

Our favorite Pegasus food writer, Teresa Gubbins, posted this morning that Stephan Pyles has added blogging to his laundry list of skills, which means that you, dear readers, get to see the play-by-play of how his new restaurant at 1717 McKinney, Stampede 66, comes to fruition. His first post, “Introducing Stampede 66,” includes photos and descriptions of “the modern Texas [restaurant] with a casual, creative and high-energy ambience.”

Chef Pyles writes:

We have selected our executive chef and it was a natural choice. Our current execu-chef at Samar, Jon Thompson, will make the transition from cardamom and curry to chiles and chicharon. The kitchen will serve as much Texas-sourced product as possible and my years of research into Texas culinary history will be fully utilized. We have already begun the sourcing of wild native products such as Agarita Berries, Turksap and Red Mulberry. We will be using seafood exclusively from the Texas Gulf Coast and poultry such as dove, quail and wild turkey, will all come from Texas farms or the wild.

The restaurateur has already made a name for himself with restaurants like Samar and Stephan Pyles, and now he’s adding his name to a list of chefs who blog. Remember Matt McCallister’s scratchdiner blog? And Chef DAT’s underground blogspot? Both haven’t written in awhile, but we have faith that Pyles will keep his webspace going strong at least until Stampede 66 opens.

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