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Food Truck Update: TX Delizioso is No Longer

Sydney Brown and Lauren Noblet, the owner/operators of Enticed and TX Delizioso have made a tough decision. After the mild Dallas winter passed, they expanded their fleet and debuted TX Delizioso,a food truck featuring Italian food (mainly pizza) with a Texas twist. They used a lot of local products and it was the only truck with GoTexan certification.

I generally give food trucks 6-8 weeks to established their truck groove, and sure enough, after about 8 weeks, I loved TXD’s pizza. It was a great artisanal pizza at a pretty good price ($7.50) with as many toppings as you wanted on it.

TX Delizioso

However, like the cold weather took Enticed off the road, the sweltering summer temperatures have taught Sydney and Lauren new lessons: prep times turned out to be longer than they’d planner for and it was difficult to find workers who could juggle cooking and the eccentricities, such as truck temperature in excess of 140 degrees, of managing a truck. Sydney and Lauren have taken TX Delizioso off the road and they are currently reevaluating their plans. They plan on refocusing on Enticed Shaved Ice and adding a second truck to that concept. That’s a net gain for DFW.

3 comments on “Food Truck Update: TX Delizioso is No Longer

  1. That’s exactly what I have been saying. Trucks are great in the fall, winter, spring in DFW. They are hell in the summer. Food trucks do well on the East or West coast due to the climate. The summer will kill any food trucks that don’t have adequate cash reserves. I for one am not going to stand outside waiting for my food in the summer. Most office dwellers simply cannot go back to the office smelling of sweat.

    This is why the food truck parks with interior seating and A/C work so well. We just don’t have them everywhere yet like other large metro areas.

  2. I don’t mean to hate, but a lot of the food trucks just don’t serve great food. And add to the fact you have to wait upwards of 30 minutes to grab a bite to eat. I absolutely support this food scene, but step up the quality!

  3. TX Delizioso had amazing pizza, with a wait or without a wait. If you never had it, you missed out; they will be missed!