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Trader Joe’s Opens Friday in Fort Worth. Do You Care?

Listen to Bud Kennedy. He knows all the back roads to Trader Joe's.

The landscape of grocery shopping in DFW may or not transform on Friday when Trader Joe’s, the Jimmy-Buffet-Meets-The-Beach-Boys-Before-Brian-Wilson’s-Melt-Down-esque food store born in Pasadena, California in 1967, opens its doors at 2701 S.Hulen St. in Fort Worth. (The Trader Joe’s Lowest Greenville Dallas is now scheduled to open in Spring 2013). Like their In-N-Out Burgers’ brethren, California transplants are psyched out of their Two-Buck-Chuck-wasted minds that this Hawaiian version of Aldi is finally a reality.

Will you don a Hawaiian shirt and make the 72-mile (from downtown Dallas) round-trip drive to load up on cheap wine, pistachios, and Trader Joe’s Coconut Water Fruit Floes? Not me. Especially since Mr. Fort Worth, Bud “Propagandist” Kennedy sends this notice:

Please warn everybody that half of Fort Worth is under construction. The back way to Trader Joe’s is to exit I-30 at University and wind around the Colonial golf course. If you can’t find that, use I-20 and come north.Do not try to go over the Hulen bridge south of Central Market, and do not try to take Berry through TCU.

Whatevs, Bud. I’ll await reports from the good folks of Fort Worth and the dedicated food coconuts in Dallas who make the trip. Me, I’m headed for some real fun.

UPPITY DATE: Teresa Gubbins compares Trader Joe’s with other local grocery stores.

  • Al

    Any news on when the Plano store will be opening???

  • Nancy Nichols

    No, but Greenville has been pushed from 2012 to Spring 2013

  • bluebird

    happy to hear about the date on the greenville ave opening. the not-knowing was killing me

  • TLS

    Plano – September 7.

  • Al

    @ TLS – thanks, I assume 2012??

  • Deb

    I’m not a California transplant and I’ve been waiting 1.5 years, along with other friends, for this chain to open in our area. Many bariatric patients rave about their products and it’s a wonderful resource for individuals who prefer an organic lifestyle. I find your article a little offensive, but hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Personally, I’m looking forward to shopping there.

  • TLS

    @Al – yes, 2012.

  • Daniel R.

    I live in Fort Worth, right off of Hulen on the other side of I-30.

    2 things regarding traffic:

    1) You CAN exit Hulen, go south over the bridge, and land right in front Trader Joe’s. The only issue is if it’s a peak hour (AM/PM drive time or Lunch), the bridge does get quite a bit backed up. Not completely sure if the backup would be longer than the detour he suggests, though.

    2) If you’re route has you going anywhere through University and Berry, you MUST change it. It is completely closed off and will be until August.

  • NoDa Bob

    I’m with you Nancy, the opening of TJ will be greeted with a yawn.

    Hey, I’m spoiled by the ability to go to service counters in my grocer where i can get the exact cut of meat that I want, and to have the deli slice the meats and cheeses like I want them sliced. I also like to select my fruit and produce without having to get them in prewrapped plastic. It’s pretty tough to see the individual item when they’re in plastic….don’t really need cheap wine either, there’s Sam’s and Costco for that.

    We are fortunate to have some of the best grocery operators in the country here already, they provide a competitive environment that pushes them to getting better and keeping the prices sharp. TJs pales in comparison.

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  • Sara

    I never understood the breathless coverage of I-n-O by D Magazine or this blog. I’ve been a subscriber of the print product for a long, long, time, and I have never seen an out-of-state business shilled to that extent. On a totally unrelated note (I swear), I heard it was a banner advertising year.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Sara, I mentioned the chain because another one from California is coming in and that is shilling? You hear it was a banner year for advertising? Then you know more than I do. PLUS, guess what. We are a business and a magazine business at that. I ask you what is wrong with a banner year for advertising? On a totally unrelated note, please show me ONE advertisement from In-N-Out in D Magazine.

  • Brent D.

    I really wanted to like TJs and was excited to learn my hotel in Cambridge was next door to one. After 3 weeks I’ve found it much better to walk the 4 blocks to Whole Foods.

  • Mike

    I’m not driving 72 miles to get there, but TJ’s is awesome for what they do carry. Maybe great deals on natural foods aren’t for everyone, but that just means less people in my way when I’m there.

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  • Tex

    72 miles? I understand; that’s an outing. Fortunately for me I live a lot closer than that. But it’s not just the cheap wine. It’s not just the great-tasting and hard-to-find food. It’s not just the reasonable prices. It’s not just the incredibly helpful, cheery employees. It’s not just the quickness of service. It’s all those things in one trip. You can find one or two of those factors many places. It’s only at Trader Joe’s you find it all. It turns the chore of grocery shopping into a joy.