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PizzaMania: “Like” Cane Rosso in Dallas on Facebook, Get $1 Pizza Tonight

Jay Jerrier is either the smartest restaurateur when it comes to using social media effectively or a total social media whore. The distinction doesn’t matter. He has 5,000 “likes” on his Facebook page and, to celebrate, he “doing $1 pizzas tonight at Cane Rosso from 6pm – 9pm.” His goal is to real 10,000 “likes” and do it again. Rules:

Tonight only at our Deep Ellum restaurant

– $1 Marinara, Margherita, or Focaccia…no additions or substitutions

– Dine In ONLY

– 6pm – 9pm…we open at 6pm!!

– Be nice to your servers (i.e. please tip them like you paid full price…a $0.25 tip is not cool)

– It is NOT BYOB tonight

Who knows what will happen if Facebook adds a “love” button. Let’s get this party started.

3 comments on “PizzaMania: “Like” Cane Rosso in Dallas on Facebook, Get $1 Pizza Tonight

  1. This is great but who wants to stand in line for hours for a $1 pizza my free times way more valuable than that

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  3. Social Media networks had really been useful for any business now to gain sales and profit.

    Candice Anderson