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16 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Komali for dinner last night…everything was great! I had bites off of all the plate on the table and they were all fantastic. I think Anastacia Quinones & Abraham Salum have teamed up to create something truly special. Also ate at Bijoux…third time on the new Bistro Menu…still love it. Great mix of fine dining execution on classical bistro menu items @ bistro prices. Popped into Tei An for a light dinner, as always everything was great…had the Pork Ramen Special that was exceptional.

  2. Tried ACME F&B last night, WOW! The space is gorgeous and the cocktails were perfect (try the BB Pop). The service started a little slow but smoothed out as the evening went on; about what you would expect for opening week.

    But it was the food that put it over the top – best chicken & dumplings (gnocchi) ever, farmer cut beef was tender & perfectly seasoned, and the cast iron pineapple upside down cake was really good (could have used more ice cream). We will be back.

  3. Tried Oak again and, granted, there must be something wrong with me as I just don’t get the praise. It was my fourth time and I find it to have very awkward booth seating, very mediocre, pricey food and service below standards for this type restaurant. I have tried to like it but can’t justify a fifth trip.

  4. Dinner at Penne Pomodoro/Lakewood – Food was satisfactory, service was excellent.
    Lunch at Rex’s Seafood – Halibut and Copper River King were on target, with good, although a bit salty, sides.

  5. Tried Campo last night. The mixed charcuterie was solid, the drinks were creative/inspired, the trout was solid, but they didn’t split the bill (without warning) and added gratuity making what would have been good service less attractive..

  6. Sundown shines.

    (sorry, that was really bad).

    I had their chili and a salad. My wife had the KASI salad and quinoa veggie patty. Fresh, flavorful, apparently mostly local. The service was cheerful and the setting fun and light.

  7. The cucumber and avocado sandwich with walnut pesto at Bolsa is delicious. Perfect for summer.

  8. Mr Mesero. A really good, simple meal. Attentive service without being overbearing. Well-priced. The indoor seating area is cacophonous, however out on the patio is quite nice.

  9. I’ll tell you one of my Friday favorites, Chicken fajitas at Gloria’s with that amazing black bean dip, and a margarita that will knock you on your can!!! Mmmmmm

  10. Tried Woodfire Kirby’s last night on a whim – we were going to a show at the Granada and all other restaurants in the area were packed around 7:30 p.m., but I was pleasantly surprised! I got the chicken cobb salad, and it was the best salad I’ve ever eaten! My fiance got the chicken BBQ pizza, which was also fantastic. We’ll definitely be going back on purpose this time!

  11. Had Tillman’s Roadhouse in Fort Worth for the first time in awhile. Apparently they are setting out a new summer menu. Their version of Brisket Tacos put Mia’s to shame. Had the Fried NY Steak Strip…amazing. Really good things coming out of that kitchen.

  12. Jenchi – soup dumplings, mapo tofu, & clam soup

    Pho is for Lovers – KBBQ Banh Mi, and their weekend special Bun Bo Hue

    Sundown @ Granada – delicious specialty drinks

  13. Saturday Brunch in Denton at Seven Mile Cafe. Red velvet pancakes and the pineapple Upside Down Pancakes are incredible and the loaded hash browns (with bacon & fresh avocado) are worth the trip from Plano.

    Sunday Brunch at Nova was nice and the service didn’t have the attitude that I had been warned about. Hubby enjoyed the chilaquilles and my pork loin stack was way too much food.

    We’ve been to Covino’s in Plano twice this week …and I can’t sing its praises loud enough. It is Italian comfort food that is hard to describe other than delicious, authentic and plentiful.

    Went to Breadwinner’s in Plano with a group of 6 on Wednesday night and had horrible service (gratuity included, of course) and I don’t think one order was correct. I’m not sure those Bloody Marys that I like so much are worth another visit anytime soon.

  14. Da Lat for lunch. Amazing beef Pho with beef tender enough to almost melt in your mouth. The delicious broth is full flavored but still delicate and fragrant. I also really like their condiment bar for all the extra add in’s and numerous different sauces.

    Jeng Chi, twice this week! Can’t get enough. Everything on the very long menu is amazing!
    I always look forward to going again and trying something I’ve not had there before.

  15. Manuel’s Creative Cuisine for lunch. The black fettucini was very nice, and service was good. Too bad nobody was there – note to landlord: put some signs in the parking garage and lobby level to direct people to the restaurants!

    Restorante Nicola for lunch. NIce, fresh fish special and good service. Not crowded at lunch, but I’ll be back.

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