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Urban Rio in Plano Will Open Late This Month

Nathan and Bonnie Shea, who opened Urban Crust in Plano are getting ready to debut their three-story development in the Old Downtown Plano. The project combines a new Mexican concept called Urban Rio, a cantina called On the Rocks, and Nate’s Gelato Shop.

Urban Rio will feature Next-Mex cuisine, which, according to a press release, will be “elevated, chef-crafted Mexican food with Texas influence.” Expect “enchiladas, tacos and fajitas, specialty dishes like house-made empanadas, urban ceviche, and tortas served on house-made bolillo rolls.” The chef is Ryan Olmos. Coyote Café founder Mark Miller consulted on the project.

It sounds pretty groovy:

The water feature (the Rio) is visible for all to enjoy as well as the hand-made and hand-ground masa tortilla station and guacamole created in the authentic over-sized mochahette. On the Rocks Cantina incorporates original designs from the historic Plano Ice House, which originally opened in 1917.  The second-floor bar is open-aired with a patio overlooking Downtown Plano where guests may enjoy “specialty” carafes served on the rocks, signature margaritas and six tequilas on tap at -5 degrees.

5 comments on “Urban Rio in Plano Will Open Late This Month

  1. That does sound good.

    Here is a naive question since I have not drank a lot of tequila. Does it taste better cold? Or just different?

    I am being serious so if any tequila aficionado reads this, please chime in


  2. I dunno. Fairly suspicious of a Mexican restaurant that doesn’t know the difference between a molcajete and a mochahette (whatever the hell that is).

  3. Come on, all. Mark Miller is so talented, and the Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe is legendary. The Red Sage…..another Mark Miller creation in Washington, DC, was a fabulous restaurant. Be patient. This could be very good for downtown Plano.

  4. It’s got Coyote Cafe DNA? That’s great news. Just got back from Sante Fe and dinner @ CC. Also just saw their chef on Good Day (Ch. 4) making some great looking quesadillas. Looking forward to this new place.