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Campo and Oak Owners Team Up For New Restaurant in Old Lumi Space on McKinney. They Need Us to Name the Restaurant!

Gubbshoe Gubbins is armed and dangerous.

Dallas is a city full of buddy-buddy chefs and owners. For the most part, these talented folks leave their knives in the kitchen. (We, the media, have a different set of weapons but that is another story.) This morning comes word from Teresa Gubbshoe Gubbins:  “A new restaurant will open in the old Lumi Empanada space on McKinney Avenue in Uptown Dallas, from a pair of restaurateurs who own two of the more exciting places in Dallas: Campo and Oak.”

How do you know that Gubbshoe?

Gubbshoe: “Campo co-owner John Paul Valverde has partnered with Oak co-owner Richard Ellman to develop the Lumi space into a fast-casual restaurant where the price point will be low — $6 to $11 — with cocktails and craft beer.”

I bet the focus will be on local ingredients, but bringing it to a more approachable, more casual restaurant and it’ll be the same thing we do at Campo, the same thing at Oak, but a little easier to approach and at a different price point as well. We want to show that you don’t have to pay a lot of money to get quality food. (You can find her other knowledge and some quotes about how these dudes are going to get this place open by the end of July here.)

And what is the name Miss SmartyPants? Oh, you don’t know? Well I’m going to call it Camp Oak. Or CampOak. Folks, lets name it for them. You guys are so good at this.

  • SeeFood

    What no love for Steve Doyle???

  • Justin


  • Moony

    Lumi Enchilada

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  • SeeFood


  • Darren

    For Lease

  • Fran

    They should stick to the new thing J R 2012 or Texas F & B

  • Nancy Nichols

    Daren=good stuff.

  • Scagnetti

    The Ravelled Sleeve

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  • Leah


  • Leah

    uptown girls

  • Primi timpano


  • Rusty Taco


  • sausage on a stick

    DB Free (as all the DB’s will be either side of this spot, @ Urban Taco and the DB lounge, or whatever the bar next door is called)