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Bailey’s Prime Plus in Fort Worth is Closed

I heard they were thinking of retooling, but now they have decided to close.

“We have made a business decision to close our Fort Worth location of Bailey’s Prime Plus.  We appreciate the support the city of Fort Worth and community have provided Bailey’s during our time at West 7th,” said Gary Van Gundy, president of Edward C. Bailey Enterprises.”

6 comments on “Bailey’s Prime Plus in Fort Worth is Closed

  1. I’m sure the Fairview location won’t be far behind…ghost town every time I’ve been by there and the times I have dined there.

  2. It didn’t appeal to the party crowd in the West7th shops, and couldn’t attract the upscale crowd in that location. Good place for another Consilient concept

  3. I would agree that Fairview cannot be long for this world. I cannot make any business sense for that location to remain open. It was 70% empty on our last visit.

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