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8 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Big week. Went to Pera Turkish Kitchen and thought it was just okay. Better kabob can be found within walking distance at either Afghan Grill or Giovannis. Went to Nosh in Plano and had the grilled heart of romaine salad with jonah crab and a shallot vinaigrette. Awesome! Lastly, went to driftwood and had the newly added “tongue and cheek”. Beef tongue agnolotti and seared crispy halibut cheek. Amazing!

  2. Went to Natalie’s on Royal Lane @ Preston for the Chicken Fried Chicken. Awesome

  3. Husband’s birthday dinner at Oak on Saturday. Start to finish, everything was outstanding. Starters: foie gras (him) and chilled spring pea soup (me). 2nd course: spring pea risotto (him) and octapus/pork jowl (me).Entrees were roast pheasant with a braised strudel (him) and skate with eiswein vinaigrette (me). We shared the chocolate panna cotta on hazelnut crust for dessert. Each dish was perfectly balanced, and our waiter (in consultation w/ sommalier) paired for us by the glass. Oak is quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants.

  4. Asian Mint – was really underwhelming. We hadn’t been in a while and neither of us could finish our meal. My Pad Thai had almost a muddy flavor to it. The summer rolls were supposed to have shrimp in them. They were crammed with lettuce and very little else. One half of one tiny shrimp was balanced on top of each roll. in order to integrate into the roll, you had to open it up, the all the ingredients fell out. :(

    On a brighter note, Shin Sei was great, as always. Spring rolls full of crab, fresh sauces to go with them. Sushi was divine.

    Drinks at Bolsa. Tried three different cocktails – one the bartender made up on the fly with strawberries, jalepeno and mint. He should put that on the menu! :)

    Crowning evening: Driftwood. Had the smoked salmon rillette – yum! Hamachi crudo was had by hubby – loved it! I had Tounge and Cheek – wouldn’t have put it together but it was excellent! SO had chicken – my goodness, is that good! Chef Omar says that dish is made with love and it shows! :) Bluberry buckle for dessert – most flavor I’ve had in any of their desserts so far – very good! Can’t wait to go back.

  5. Went to SNACK which was in one word TERRIBLE!!! Tried the brussel sprout fritters which were the best thing we ate but were over salted. The paella which was the special was awful, all the meat and seafood were dry as a bone. We expressed our displeasure with the mgr and instead of offering to re do it, she said “thanks for critique, we’ll try to improve it next time.” AVOID like the plague. I can’t believe this is the same people that opened NOSH, because I don’t see the same quality of food or service.

  6. Went to Standard Poor last night. Drinks were unbelievable – perfect and refreshing for a hot summer day. Food was sub-par. Go for the cocktails and sit on the patio! Skip the food…

  7. Teppo, usually on the A-list was merely tepid. This place has been great for so long that i hope this is just an anomaly.

    What’s the best buddhist restaurant in town?

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