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Pho Colonial Authentic Vietnamese Diner on Frankford is Closed

According to owner Phil Silva, Pho Colonial Authentic Vietnamese Diner on Frankford closed yesterday. “We just couldn’t get the traffic in there,” Silva said. “I don’t know if it was us or the location. The place is not very visible from Frankford.” Silva has operated in that space for over five years which  included the last days of Bene Bene.

Silva is locked in a courtroom battle with his former partner Khanh Dao, the veteran restaurateur who was involved with Draelion, The Drae Lounge, Steel, and Voltaire. Late last year, Dao was removed from the day-to-day operations because the restaurant was running high (63%) food costs and not making any money. Dao filed a restraining order to keep Silva, the majority owner, from removing her as one of the members of the partnership. The judge denied her request.

I asked Silva about Dao’s whereabouts. “We had a shareholders meeting on Tuesday and she was there,” Silva said. “I have no idea what she is doing. Our lawsuits, we are basically suing one another, is scheduled for August.” Meanwhile, the downtown location of Pho Colonial is open. The chef from North Dallas will run the kitchen.

16 comments on “Pho Colonial Authentic Vietnamese Diner on Frankford is Closed

  1. What a mess. I hope the downtown location stays open because it is much needed down here.

  2. I still frequent the downtown location often. It’s convenient for me during the workday or to grab something on the way home for dinner. On occasion, they’ll forget something or to give you silverware or some awkwardness in the service, but it’s not something that takes away from the food. I love their Banh Mi and find the Pho to be hearty and beefy. Hope they keep that ship running.

  3. It wasn’t the location and the food was pretty good the times I went, but the service was ABYSMAL! It took over an hour at lunch multiple times and the sense of urgency displayed by the staff was minimal to none. I don’t think it’s the location, as there are several restaurants in that area that are doing well.

  4. I always meant to try it since I live down the road but the reviews always complained it was overpriced, bad service and not great Pho. However, I think the location is a concern. That spot specifically and that strip center overall has had a ton of turnover since 2001 when I moved into the neighborhood. I really hope Vindu doesn’t suffer the same fate. Love having a good Indian restaurant nearby.

  5. probably the fact that the pho was tasted like overpriced dish water didn’t help.


  7. It looks like Phil Silva is another investor left in the wake of Khanh Dao’s sordid restaurant history.

  8. It was white bread Vietnamese. The food was expensive and not all that good. The service was poor. There are plenty of better Vietnamese restaurants in town, some better than others. Most better than Pho Colonial

  9. Khahn can be found where everyone can be found these days. Facebook. I’m no Phocking expert, but I went to Pho Colonial downtown recently and had to rate it a few stars below Pei Wei (which only gets 1/2 star in my book).

  10. The concept is/was amazing. The execution on all levels was crap. It’s too bad as there was some great talent there. It could have been a runaway hit.

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  12. I’m Vietnamese and I wouldn’t call their food Vietnamese. I ate at the Downtown location once and ordered the bun thit nuong. It was awful. The nuoc mam was odd tasting and the grilled pork was neither grilled or good. I can understand why the Frankford location closed.