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Jack’s Porch in Southlake is Closed

About a year and a half ago, there was a small Hatfield-and-McCoy feud in Southlake. Jack Layman, a former manager at Rockfish in Southlake, quit and opened Jack’s Porch in a space nearby. When I reported this, the situation ticked a lot of people from both sides off and they got into a big rumble in the comments section. Apparently Layman was bound by a “non-compete” contract and Jack’s Porch was a little too close to the Rockfish location. I guess Rockfish won because one observer sends word that Jack’s Porch is closed. And he/she is wondering why. Anybody out there know the details?

5 comments on “Jack’s Porch in Southlake is Closed

  1. News on the street is Jack couldn’t shake the bad image xo’s left behind and he could only make money with
    The late crowed and he wanted a restaurant not a night club. So he opened a Cajun restaurant in Roanoke and closed the porch. The center is really looking at Hillstone for that location now….thank God a good place to eat in Southlake…we r all crossing our fingers!

  2. He opened a place in roanoke named Jacks Bayou grill, Its the hottest thing out here- Low overhead and packed , opening another in fort worth on 7th.

  3. The food was good and the service was outstanding. Fingers crossed, Hillstone takes over the space.