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Making Dallas Even Better

Copper River Salmon is All Over Dallas Like Hot on Fries

Please excuse the generic post. I am on beyond blown deadline (BBD). Thanks to the many restaurants and fish markets that emailed the news: Copper River Salmon is Here! I can’t post you all, so if you’d like to sell yourself, do so below. Well, you know what I mean.

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Kids Kritics: Schools + Restaurants = One Big Happy World

We don’t often think of schools and restaurants in the same train of thought.  In this post, our Kids Kritic, Elizabeth Chandler, notes the synergism between food trucks/restaurants and schools. Kudos to restaurants who support their local schools by hosting a “Restaurant Night” and giving back a portion of their proceeds to the school. Recently, […]

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The State Fair Welcomes Deep Fried Samoas to its Collection of Deep Fried Foods

DMN reporter Eric Aasen says that the one woman, Christi Erpillo, has successfully found a way to dip a Samoa into a vat of boiling oil. The fried food expert is using her favorite cookie to celebrate the Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary this year at the State Fair, which starts September 28. Erpillo plans to […]

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