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Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Poolside Dining in Dallas

He’s got a hot date and needs to cool off by a pool. Hear his plea:

I wanted to see if you or any of your wise followers could lead me in the right direction. A woman which whom I have recently started dating is coming in town this Memorial Day weekend and I wanted to spend some time at the pool. I live in the M-Streets and my house is “pool challenged”. Could you help me find a Hotel Pool that allows day-passes to the pool that also has a bar/ restaurant attached so we can enjoy the warm weather this weekend? Thanks to you and your followers in advance.

8 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Poolside Dining in Dallas

  1. The Belmont in Oak Cliff. Fantastic view and great drinks and food.

  2. No better place for this than The Men’s Club (if the lady is into that sort of thing…) This way at least you’ll find out very quickly!

  3. Hotel Palomar. Use of the spa allows you a day pass to the pool, complete with bar service and such. And close to the M Streets.

  4. This is not a hotel pool, I suggest you investigate Fraternal Order of Eagles near White Lake.

  5. Zaza allows non-hotel guests to relax by the pool free of charge (at least they did 2 years ago when I called and asked). Exhale Spa does NOT allow day passes to the Palomor pool with use of the spa, however for $30 you can get a week membership to the spa/fitness club you can use the pool and fitness centers for 7 days. Here’s a not-cheap but uber-romantic idea though: book a room for one night at one of the local hotels with great pools (Zaza, Crescent, Mansion, Stoneleigh, Ritz) and enjoy all the hotel amenities.

  6. Buddy, I love the FOE, but their culinary options are lacking. Alcohol, however, is plentiful and cheap.
    Judging by the criteria in the original question, the F.O.E.’s not the sophisticated setting that the reader seeks.
    Palomar sounds like a fantastic match, however.