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Guess the Name of This Dallas Restaurant

We had so much fun the first time we played this game. Let’s play it again. Can you guess the name of this restaurant?

20 comments on “Guess the Name of This Dallas Restaurant

  1. Confused, Nancy. Is this a different picture of the space shown in the first post, or is this a new mystery spot altogether?

  2. I don’t think they are serving anything so in my book it does not qualify as a restaurant.

  3. All that wood trim – my guess is the former Gordo’s, future Black Eyed Pea?

  4. So what was the answer to the last ‘Guess the Name’ post?
    (And thank you for the clarification on this post, Nancy!)

  5. Nancy, come clean . This is a fun guessing game but you owe us an answer for the first one. No answer=no fun=no trust.