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From Tom Spicer’s Keyboard to Your Eyes: Spiceman’s FM 1410 Report

Tom Spicer

Greetings from Spiceman,

In case you haven’t heard, Mitch Kauffman at Urbano and I are throwing down what looks to be a sold-out wing ding in my garden at FM 1410. There may be some sections C (compost bin) seating or section R (red ant pile) seating available but I’m not certain about that. The event is next Thursday May 24th BYOB, 6:pm doors open, 6:30 pm Food (buffet) 7:pm Music, some seating (chairs) available but bring a blanket for sitting down on the garden floor. Some Urb-an’ Spice in the garden so to speak. My gumbo, his Chef Ke’o is pitt roasting a pig (w/out lipstick) and we’re both coming up with sides a couple of which I plan to make ala vegetarian (fresh shelled peas, salads, corn bread and mo’) .Ladies, please where garden flats/shoes, and dudes…. please, no spike heels and certainly no leather chaps cuz it may be a bit too warm.

Unedited inventory list below.

Early this morning I picked up a few cases of spring onions (yellow “sweet 16’s”) from an east Texas farmer, not organic. Sorry… no appologies. Oh and…ran out of ca$h to get peaches and berries.

I also met the pea people to get 10 x 15# bags of assorted fresh shelled peas (creamers, pintos, limas, purple hulls and black eyed)

Then on to Love Field cargo facility to get freshly flown in wild and cultivated exotic mushrooms.

Gyromitra, aka flase or snow bank morel (not for novice foodies, look it up and proceed with caution)

Morels, i.e. true morels

Coral Mushrooms, aka cauliflower mushrooms, a little hard to clean but commonly eaten.

Fiddle heads are already commited but I’ll try to reserve 1# for retail.

Hen O’ Woods or Maitake mushrooms

Baby Shiitake we also sport a few imported, cultivated mushrooms like oyster and beech (aka shimejii, or crab mushrooms)

So most of you know that for our “retail shoppers” we mix them in an 8 oz bag for $10 …. Spiceman’s “Dime bag O’ shrooms”

The thing about my so called “retail store” is that it is not buffed out like a regular produce department which btw… is extremely wastefull yet a neccessary service but here in my store front, the “retail” aspect is more that I open my doors to anyone, let me say that again, ANYONE who’s brave, epicurious or crazy enough to walk in. I don’t have much of a sign but there IS a sign right above my door

My concept is that I’m kind enough to share with those people what ever I have on hand for my “chef based” traffic, wether the chefs pick it up or I deliver it gives cause for some of the best and/or different and freshest edible items one would hardly expect to find any where to be HERE. So be here now, hmmmmmm…. I like the sound of that, perhaps I should trade mark it.

My garden is turning over for summer plantings however, there’s plenty of radishes and various, adapted summer greens (exotic edible weeds) and many fresh herb varieties.

AssortMints, e.g. chocolate,orange and spearmints along with sweet basil, rosemary, thyme and the last of the fresh, green corrianderberries.

Squash Blossom are hit or miss, I have some on hand today.

Last but not least… g00se eGGs @ $3 each, that can be everything, let me think (got in trouble last time I did that)but, but,

OH yeah, The HERBMOBILE IS OUT AND ABOUT with Pandora’s produce box on board load with with the HerbOfWars driven by Jake with lots of deals to make.

The FM 1410 local produce Market and garden is located @ 1410 B (stands for “Between” the 2 Urbano Cafe’s) N. Fitzhugh

Ave. , Dallas, Tx. 75204 (google earth it). The garden is out back

Retail hours of operation are roughly 10:am to 5:pm mons-sats

Wholesale hours zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, you’re prolly still sleeping.

We accept $$$, visa, mastercard, magic beans and ? o.b.o

Store #214-954-7974 we answer “Spiceman’s FM 1410 produce market, Spiceman speaking”