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9 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Ate at Sundown on Greenville last night. As bad as the last few places in that three-story space next to the Granada have been, this one is GREAT. Had their house cocktail (the Sundown) a chipotle-smoked rum based beverage, and indulged guiltily in the Greenville Ave Grilled Cheese- six different specialty cheeses with tomato, avacado and sprouts. Housemade sun-dried tomato spread and sweet potato fries to compliment. SO. Good. Many of their menu options are gluten free as well, if you’re looking for a place to compliment multiple dietary needs.

    More than a bar with a great patio- the food always delivers. I’m one happy M-streeter to have this place within walking distance.

  2. Hti up an old favorite this week…Arcodoro & Pomodoro. The family label reds were as good as I remember and the food was pretty close to what I remember but why did they ever move locations. The old place had such a great ambiance and was always busy when we went. I am sure there were some issues but why ruin such a good thing. I wish them the best at the Crescent but would not be shocked to see the doors closed by the end of the year.

  3. Just had a spectacular Media Dinner at Bailey’s as the first to experience Avner’s new menu.Today is my Birthday and we will be celebrating at Ocean Prime for dinner then Hotel St.Germain for Champagne.On Sunday it’s Blue Mesa’s buffet then 1 month of Nutrisystems

  4. Had Appetizers and Drinks on the Patio at Perry’s Steakhouse and Grill. Nice patio and some interesting apps. Loved the Fried Asparagus with crab and the Truffle onion rings.

  5. We went to Mr Mesero for the 1st time on Friday. All of it was wonderful – from the food to the service to the drinks. And what took it over the top, for us, was the lack of unattended children running around underfoot like you get at the Mi Cocina and now Fernando’s. There were children there, but it being a smaller space, with tighly squeezed together tables, they all pretty much seemed to stay put with their families.

    We had guac, brisket tacos, and enchiladas. Salsa was familar and good. The portion of guacamole was huge, really too much since alot went to waste for just the two of us. We could not eat it all and we tried! I loved the brisket, but I would have preferred the green sauce on the side. It added a sweetness I did not care for.

    We will be back. NIce to see some familiar server faces there too!

  6. Carbones … had a great bowl of pasta (a rarity in Dallas).

    Also, btw, k2 is exactly right about Sundown: it is a great place.

  7. Nonna for an amazing warm artichoke and fava bean salad. Dallas’ best oyster po boy at the original Dodies. And maybe the best Italian restaurant in the state – Da Marco in Houston. Orange fennel arugula salad with a charred octopus tentacle followed by a braised pork ravioli w diced asparagus and fava beans. Wow I guess I’ve been on a fava bean kick I guess. Feel like Hannibal lecter. Although I don’t think I drank a nice chianti with the favas. Vino nobile if memory serves. Oh yeah and I made a loquat cobbler that was delish.

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