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Kent Rathbun Is My Fashion Consultant

I’m not sure what I bought that landed me on the list of people who receive this catalog at home, but when I start showing up to work in karate pajamas, you’ll know why.

UPDATE: Thanks, Timmy. Here is a link to the new ChefWear catalog which includes many other Dallas chefs. See how many you recognize

9 comments on “Kent Rathbun Is My Fashion Consultant

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  3. “See how many you recognize”

    It’s been a long time since I’ve looked in the kitchen at a Maggiano’s, On the Border, or Chili’s.

  4. Ugh, why did they include chain restaurants in the catalog. I got mine yesterday and couldn’t believe it. This isn’t meant as negative as it is going to sound, but the people in the kitchen of those chains can hardly be called chefs. If you get most of your food from a commissary and have a microwave, you fail.

    I’m not saying those people aren’t good at managing a kitchen, controlling costs, etc…but they shouldn’t be included in this type of thing IMO.

  5. Anon, holy cow what a weird thing to say! It is a catalog that sells clothes for people who work in the restaurant industry. I was surprised to see small places like the Mozzarella Company featured. If you are trying to make big sales wouldn’t you go to the big guys first? ChefWear is a brand name.

  6. I remember Rochelle from the 1980′s in Los Angeles and at the CIA in Hyde Park. Glad to see her business on top.

  7. @Nancy

    Lol, I’m aware of what they are. I love chefwear…best pants in the biz. I understand your point, but usually the catalog features local chefs and restaurants.

    Looks like from a video I saw on the making of this catalog, Fearings and a couple of other places might be featured down the road. I saw some familiar faces in the video that weren’t in the catalog. They have a bartending line that isn’t in the catalog but was in the video as well.

    I guess Brinker is a Dallas company, but companies like them wouldn’t use Chefwear to buy uniforms for a business. They would use Aramark or some other uniform company. Just because Chili’s is in the catalog doesn’t mean they are going to start ordering wholesale from ChefWear.

    I just think that there are many, many better options to support/show off local chefs and cooks than using chain restaurants.

    I’ve never seen them before in the Chefwear catalog that I can recall, so why Dallas?

  8. Thank you @Anon for your comments. To back up @ Nancy’s point, we are a brand that is selling to the anyone who cooks. We chose these particular companies, as you stated, because Brinker is Dallas-based and does have an impact of the food service industry. It is important for us to let people know that we offer more choices than just those that would be picked up by independently owned restaurants.

    I’m also glad that you got a chance to check out our video!! You are correct! We have two more additions that will be released in the coming months that will be slightly different than the others that will be a July and September drop!

    We appreciate all your feedback and make sure to visit to see the digital catalog and check out our new items!