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37 comments on “Guess the Name of This Restaurant

  1. What is “A restaurant at which I won’t be eating in protest of another steakhouse being opened in Dallas”? Or is that too long of a name?

  2. Whatever it is, it’s just an artist’s rendering……not a real photo. Looks nice, though!

  3. We have not had a post about In-n-Out or M-Crowd lately, so it has to be that…

  4. i’ts probably, ser, from what i can tell by the window view, but it kinda reminds me of a sexier version of oceanaire’s front dining room and bar.

  5. It’s definitely Nana. I can tell by the light fixtures, windows and stairs.

  6. It reminds me a lot of the place downtown that crashed and burned really quickly, with lockouts and TABC issues and drama. There was a rooftop bar. (I am not referring to Fuse.) This was about six years ago.

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