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Making Dallas Even Better

Smash Hit: Mixin’ It Up On The Boulevard Organized by Chefs for Farmers Fills Lee Park With Happy Locavores

Edible Dallas' table (left); Dean Fearing honored for his support of local farm growers (right) photos by Elizabeth Lavin

Lee Park was the place to be last Sunday. Over 1,000 people showed up for sold-out Mixin’ It Up On The Boulevard, a massive food event organized by Chefs For Farmers. The two women credited with pulling together all of the details are Iris McCallister and Christina LaBarba. This dynamic duo coordinated over 40 chefs, 20 farmers, wineries, breweries, mixologists, and artisan producers and pulled off what appeared to be a flawless afternoon of celebration. Chefs for Farmers, a group that supports local farmers, chefs, and businesses, donated 100 percent of the proceeds to Meal On Wheels of Tarrant County and Water for Chizavane.

Each chef was paired with a local vendor. Guests were encouraged to make donations at each station to help them raise money for an item (refrigerator, etc) the vendor was trying to buy. The chef list was impressive: Fearing, Pyles, Rathbun, Derry, Natera, Houser, Provost, Harris, McCallister, to name only a few. The public sampled the food, talked to the participants, and listened to DJ sounds and the band Sugarfoote & Co. At one point Dean Fearing took the microphone and sang along. Elizabeth Lavin captured the day with her Nikon.

Jump for her shots.

Stephen Pyles' Bay of Salmon Confit: Rocky's Turnips, Purple Hulls and Manchego "Chicharron"
Texas Honeybee Guild (left); Dude Sweet Chocolate's messed up ice cream float with foie gras caramel and cocoa nib ice cream (right)
Kent Rathbun honored for his outstanding community outreach and support of local growers
John Tesar's shrimp risotto (left); John Tesar (right)
Texas olive oil
Sissy's cobbler (left); Dive's ceviche with striped bass, marinated in lime juice, mango, cilantro, red onion, jalapeno, and tomato with housemade plantain chips

Al Havens, Anastacia Quinones and Abraham Salum from Salum (left); Dragonfly's duck prosciutto (right)
  • Bruce

    It was a great event. The vibe of the event was perfect. I learned a lot and am making some reservations this week. Can’t wait until next year.

    Note to self: remember to re-apply sun screen after wiping sweat off your bald head!

  • Bethany

    My husband and I LOVED this event. I hope they do another one soon!

  • MCB08

    We attended as well and thought it was awesome. They nailed the location and amount of tickets to sell. It was a big fun group but wasn’t too crowded/too hard to get food or drinks. Really hope they do another one again soon.

  • Sara

    We Love DIVE! Excellent food and Chef Franchesca Nor is always a pleasure.

  • DGirl

    What a great food weekend in Dallas! First TACA Friday night (for those with $$) and then Chefs for Farmers yesterday. Perfect location, perfect number of guests and perfect food. Really, the best food event I’ve ever attended. Great job Christina LaBarba and Iris McAllister. These women worked hard on this event and totally rocked it. Great job!!! Who won best dish? I loved Dive, Abraham Salum’s soup, Pecan Lodge, Tiffany Derry’s friend green tomato, and the Mansion’s pea panna cotta with goat cheese sorbet washed down with a XXX Root Beer.

  • TheLuckyOne

    This was the funnest Foodie Event ever!!! Huge thanks to Chef Matt McCallister, his wife Iris, Christina LaBarba & the whole LaBarba gang!…The Star Studded lineup of Chef’s was Epic, and turn out from the very best of Texas Farmers, Cheese Makers, Honey Gatherers, Wineries, and our own incredible Chocolatier was Heart-Felt for everyone! Even our Underground Chef’s, DAT and Nicole VanCamp, were representin! I really feel that the reason this event was sooo much fun is do to the format designed by The McCallister’s and Christina LaBarba, in which they insisted that participants come to party with the guests…Genius! What a Blast! Big Congrats to everyone involved!

    …I particularly liked the Maker”s Mark tent with Brad from The Usual Ft Worth, Brian McCullough from Standard Pour, and that other Very Handsome Bartender ; )

  • Gillian

    who won best booth and for which charity?

  • Iris McCallister

    Salum had the winning dish and he decided to give it all to SPCA. Thanks!

  • Robin

    The event was outstanding! One of the best foodie events I’ve been to in Dallas. The restaurants served amazing dishes, the variety of beverages was a nice change from other events like this and the vibe/location was perfect! I hope this becomes an annual event!!