What Food Truck Fare Do We Need In Dallas/Fort Worth?

This time last year, there were only 2 food trucks in Dallas and a smattering of food trucks or trailers in Fort Worth.  The ramp-up of rolling cuisine started in May 2011 when several new food trucks hit the streets in Dallas.  Let’s look at how the market has progressed and what food items we are missing.

I’ll include Dallas, Fort Worth, and the Mid-Cities because the food trucks constantly shift through the whole area.  Dallas-based food trucks venture into Fort Worth’s area and, usually  for  special events, the Mid-Cities and Fort Worth food trucks roll into Dallas.  Currently I am tracking around 83 food trucks/trailers/mobile ovens. That includes 59 that are definitively rolling and serving, 7 that are coming soon, 7 that I’ve classified as “unknown” (they say they are coming soon, but the background does not check out or, they were once active, but now seem to have stopped serving), and 10 that are pretty much dead.  You never know when they might restart or sell the business.

I’ve also classified them loosely by cuisine. I’ve included what we have now and what is launching in the very near future.

NY Deli Sandwiches ● English ● Seafood ● Sushi ● Shaved Ice ● Sliders (2) ● Tacos (2) ● Vegetarian ● Cupcakes (3) ● American (2) ● Everything Bacon ● Korean Fusion ● Pizza (5) * ● Ice Cream (2) ● Upscale Gourmet (3) ● Burgers (5) ● Vietnamese banh mi ● Bakery (3) ● Hot Dogs (4) ● Fried Pies ● MoGa ** ● Comfort Bistro Food ● Baked Potato ● Baja Tacos ● Grilled Cheese (2) ● Cajun ● Salvadoran ● Philly Cheesesteaks ● Gluten-Free/Vegetarian ● Italian (2) ● Whoopie Pies ● Nachos ● Cuban

And what I count as “dead”:

BBQ ● Burgers  ●  Cupcakes (2) ● Frozen Yogurt ●  Grilled Cheese ● South African ● Tacos (2) ● Upscale Gourmet ● Vegetarian ●  Brats ● Burritos ● Comfort Food ● Nachos

* includes Cavalli and il cane rosso’s mobile ovens
** MoGa = molecular gastronomy

So I ask you: What are we missing in DFW?  Have you been to Austin, LA, or Portland and found street fare that you’d love to see rolling on our streets?

21 comments on “What Food Truck Fare Do We Need In Dallas/Fort Worth?

  1. @Bradford – NYC has a schnitzel truck run by two brothers. They’re always busy! Saw them on TV.

  2. Brad – it’s Good Karma. They operate mostly from the Fort Worth Food Truck Park.
    We need a truck with Asian street food that would hit a broad base – meat eaters to vegetarians.

  3. Re German, not sure how TBS #1 and #2 are classified but the great brat sandwiches and “The German Connection” plate are good enough for me!

  4. @Js
    I agree they are good and the closest to German as food trucks go so far, but they don’t have Schnitzel.

  5. Caribbean would be good… And where does the Cuban food truck operate and what’s it called??? I’ve never seen it, but would love to try it out…

  6. There are no Greek or Indian at this point. There was a truck, tentatively called “DOSA”, but I think their only asset was a Twitter handle. And even that is gone now. No German, but The Butchers Son could fit in very nicely. If you wanted a special Oktoberfest event, TBS could easily come up with the menu.

    Bakery truck: Society Bakery had a truck built out, but is still down in San Antonio at a food truck park there. They do have eventual plans for driving up to Dallas.

    There is no gourmet donut truck, but if you coupled it with a high-end coffee, I think it would be terrific.

    The gluten-free/vegetarian is Good Karma Kitchen (GKK). Although their truck is well-built, it did not meet Dallas’ original codes until those codes were recently upgraded. Look for GKK to be in Dallas more often and less at the FW Food Truck park. Carol wrote a recent review on them and I got to try them while at Sunflower Market. Very, very good.

    Asian street food with a broad base: There are niches being filled right now, such as Nammi and Ssahm. Little Vessel Grill (LVG) does some nice American with Asian influences.

    Cuban is “coming”. Cafe Con Leche from LA has bought the truck, but is delayed in getting it rolling.

    Love the tapas suggestion.

  7. @Carol Shih 100% agreed. We need a bunch more great, authentic noodle places in Dallas. Tei An is great but it shouldn’t be the only game in town.

    Anyway I’ve been reading Tyler Cowen’s An Economist Gets Lunch. He keeps raving about Bolivian food and it’s making me quite hungry. I suspect that might be a good choice for a food truck.

    I’d also love to see a really great chili truck. Dallas should be the world capital of chili but we’ve not been all that great for a long time now.

  8. Also you listed Nachos twice under the current list and South African twice under the “dead” list.

  9. @El_Matarife, you are correct. I accidentally left in the extra in my conversion from spreadsheet to the list/bullet format. Fixed now.

  10. I’d like a wing truck and a soul or comfort food truck. I see Comfort Bistro, but I just want mac and cheese balls, catfish strips, corn bread and an arnold palmer to go please and thanks.