12 comments on “McCormick & Schmick’s at NorthPark in Dallas is Closed

  1. I’m not usually one for pricey mall restaurants, but I can say I ate a delightful seafood salad there one brutally hot summer day and was treated to the best server I’ve encountered in Dallas. Think his name was Rock.

  2. This is a shame. I enjoyed this peaceful respite from the mall hordes that engulf every other restaurant at NorthPark now. Also, their oyster bar was excellent.

  3. Wow, thought I saw an ad in craigslist for wait a couple of weeks ago.

    Went there a few years ago. The service was horrible. The waiter acted like he could not believe he had to wait on me. It was so bad, did not know if I should apologize for eating there. The bartender was mad if I asked a question because I interrupted him watching a game on the tv. Food was just OK at best. Had to ask the host for my check, waiter missing in action
    Bad from start to finish. Never went back

    Glad it is closed.

  4. A quick look at the NorthPark Mall website indicates that Season’s 52 is opening in October. My guess is they will be taking over this spot… That’s a good addition!

  5. Reminds me of when I was in Cincinnati on business and asked a local for good local restaurants – they suggested Palomino or McCormick & Schmick. Not bad, but won’t really be missed.

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  7. A chain restaurant went away. Darn. But I do hope the employees find jobs quickly.

  8. For a chain restaurant, I always enjoyed them. It was a reliable place to stop for top oysters and a glass of sparkling wine when I was dead beat from shopping. On a side note, I wonder where the wonderful and unique light fixtures are going?

  9. Went one not busy Sunday evening with party of 7 and it was a total joke from start to finish. Nothing was right – service, bar, food, price. Never went back. Can not imagine how they lasted this long.

  10. Never good news for the employees but food took a downward turn some months ago. Needed more promotion