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Making Dallas Even Better

Savor Mexico

Alejandra Arreguin, a 23-year-old student of the Politécnico de Guanajuato, is one of five students who traveled all the way from León, Mexico to Dallas last week for the 3rd Annual Savor Mexico (a collaboration between Desperados, the Consulate General of Mexica, and Politécnico de Guanajuato). Arreguin and the other 1st place winners from their […]

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Chef Tracy Miller of Local to Open Rosemont in Dallas

A quick email exchange with chef Tracy Miller of Local confirms she is opening Restaurant Rosemont at 2912 Elm Street (@Malcom X). The kitchen will serve breakfast, lunch, and brunch. The fare is “simple American.”  She hopes to be open in mid-May. “I’m working on the menu now,” Miller says.  “There will be nothing over […]

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