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Making Dallas Even Better

Stephan Pyles Announces Names For Three New Restaurants

Well, gang. Looks like some of you came close to winning unofficial “guess the name of Stephan Pyles’ three new restaurants.” Today Mr. Pyles announces: I have the name for the new restaurant at Park 17 [ at 1717 McKinney in Uptown]. It’s Stampede 66. The “Stampede” comes from the fact that we will have […]

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Tabbedout, a Phone App, Makes Bartenders’ Lives Easier

Rick Orr, co-founder and EVP of Tabbedout, is a smart guy, but it’s not something he shoves in your face when you meet him. At least, that’s not what happened when I first encountered him and his then-fiancée at a little bistro in Austin last summer. When Orr explained the concept of Tabbedout during our […]

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