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See’s Candies Opens its First Texas Store in Frisco

I could never see the big the deal about See’s Candies, a California-based company, but I see from a very recent press release that See’s is opening its first Texas location inside Stonebriar Mall. There will probably be a sea of people at the Grand Opening celebration taking place on Friday, April 27 starting at 9:30 AM, and I bet the line will curve around to form a letter “C” once See’s fans find out they get a Texas Candy Sampler with every $25 purchase. Lots of other giveaways will be happening that entire weekend as well.

I think that’s all the see-crets I have on See’s Candies for now. More info coming see-oon. Maybe. If there are any.

16 comments on “See’s Candies Opens its First Texas Store in Frisco

  1. I could have sworn that See’s had a store at Town East Mall in Mesquite years ago.

  2. So disliking your whole negative vibe. You’re a professional – at least respect the fact that they’ve been in business for over nine decades. That’s a pretty big deal.

  3. I am not disrespecting See’s Candies. Why should I? I was just having a little fun with a press release and wanted people who like See’s to know there is a store opening.

    @Scott DFW – Have you heard of Alenka? It’s a Russian brand. Don’t know if you can find it anywhere here.

  4. This is at least the second time around for See’s stores in Texas. They were here several years ago, then — I guess — closed up shop. I’ve always thought their candy was good.

  5. I quedtion your “expert” status. Sees is great. Bet you’ve never had dark chocolate covered marzipan. Time to broaden your very limited horizons.

  6. Euro Deli (a Russian market in Richardson) used to carry Alenka, if that’s to your taste.

  7. The See”s at Prestonwood Mall was really a neat shop. Just walking in to the place was great! The smell of chocalate grabbed you from outside the store to bring you in, and then you had a case full of chocalates to choose from. My family always enjoyed going to the mall because we knew we would get a great treat before going home! The Luby’s that was there was pretty awesome as well :) I spent lot of time, and money, in that Mall.

  8. Regarding the mention of dark chocolate covered marzipan, Kuby’s has a large selection.

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