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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Happy Snappy Bistro in Dallas

She wears sassy pants and needs your feisty assistance:

I’m looking for an anniversary-ish dinner. For us, not something super casual, but not super formal either. We are happy in the snappy bistro range, and can appreciate the full gamut of ethnicity. Excellent and unique cuisine, even edgy- all over fancy ambiance. Off the beaten path for the wine list is a plus-we appreciate the somm who doesn’t rely on Wine Spectator to guide them.

21 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Happy Snappy Bistro in Dallas

  1. Sneaky Pete’s – they have a new consultant that redefines edgy wherever he goes.

  2. Said it before, will say it again: Canary by Gorji. See Nancy’s piece on the blog a couple weeks (months?) ago to confirm.

  3. The Grape and Parigi are always 2 great choices. Of the newer restaurant openings, I’m a fan of Oak.

  4. What noise level are you comfortable with? (of course that always depends on if the one diner who does not know what an ‘inside voice’ is happens to be in the room – always seems to be at least one lately. . .)

  5. salum, lucia or the grape. Lucia may be hard to get in, they take most of the month’s reservations on the first day of each month. I hear Oak is good but haven’t been.

  6. I’m a recent fan ofthe Winewood in Grapevine. Great wine selection and super service. It’s fine dining with a comfort level that’s laid back.

  7. The “sassy pants” wearer is describing to a “T”, none other than Bistro Watel’s in East Dallas on the edge of Lakewood ( a seed’s spit from Skillman at Live Oak)