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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Impressive Birthday Cake in Dallas

She wants Doughmonkey but she can’t have it. Hear her plea:

I wondered if you might be able to assist. The last time I bought a really fancy birthday cake was when Doughmonkey in Snider Plaza still existed. I remember it fondly: a shocking turquoise dome with a Curacao liqueur glaze and orange chocolate filling. It was a great bargain at under $50 too. Now I find myself in need of an impressive cake again, but don’t know where to look. I am not in the market for a trompe l’oeil sculpture smothered in fondant, just a really delicious but fancy and beautiful cake, preferably under $50 or so. Any ideas?

20 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Impressive Birthday Cake in Dallas

  1. Henk’s behind Half Price Books on Northwest Highway – tell them what you want, they will make it.

  2. Now you know why Doughmonkey went broke. Delicious but fancy and beautiful preferably under $50.00. Hmmmmm…………

  3. I would be happy to work with you for $50 just email me with details. My company is The Dough Bar you can find on FB.

  4. Society Bakery on Greevville. You may have to go up to $60 or so, but it will be well worth it.

  5. As an aside does anyone know what happenned to It’s a Cake Thing? They were over in Addison area. I would love to track them down.

  6. I like Aston’s Bakery on Lovers Lane for great, old fashioned cakes.
    Nothing that’s going to look off the wall mind you. Just, great cake!

  7. The Jenny Layne Bakery in Highland Village. Not sure if this on your path, but she’s amazing. The cakes are awesome (she did a three-tiered “Alice in Wonderland”-Mad Hatter themed cake for my birthday) and TASTE amazing, which is the best part. Pretty cakes occasionally sacrifice taste for beauty; not so with Jenny Layne Bakery. And they’re affordable.

  8. Check out The Cake Guys! They made my wedding and groom’s cakes, and they were both beautiful and delicious (the cakes, not the guys)!

  9. Jackie Spratt Cakes, Frosted Art, and Dallas Affairs

    Not in the league of a blue dome with Curacao, you may like A&J, Eatzi’s, or Central Market bakery (Henry’s Chocolate Cake). . .

  10. Buttercream bakery in Plano had awesome cakes, but it looks like they have gone out of business! :(

  11. I know someone who does this and their work is amazing. I’ve seen them make little sushi cakes etc. they look like works of art. However they don’t have a website but i have their email. contact me and i’ll pass it to you.

  12. Fancy Cakes by Lauren. – She’s won several of those cake contests on TV
    Don’t know about price, but I’ll bet they taste good, too.

  13. Buli’s om Cedar Springs. The dark chocolate (not the one with mousse) is incredible. Probably need to order in advance to make sure you get a whole cake.

  14. Try Panini Bakery in Preston Center. Super yummy cakes (under $50) always available, plus custom cakes when you call ahead. Real buttercream, mousses, fresh fruit, etc.