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Burger House in Rockwall Closes

This news comes from a reader, BLP, who sends a link to Burger House’s Facebook page.

Hello all, it is with great sadness that we announce the closing of our Franchise location in Rockwall . Thank you to all our wonderful customers in that area. We are currently looking for a new location in the area that would be a better fit. Sorry and thanks again.

4 comments on “Burger House in Rockwall Closes

  1. The Plano location has been closed for quite a while. I am wondering if they are just not doing proper training of their franchisees? The Plano location has horrible customer service, and no knowledge of product.

  2. The first casualty of the arrival of In-n-Out and Five Guys. Burger House just does not have the quality to compete with the new arrivals.

  3. It wasn’t because of in-n-out or five guys. It was an ok place similar to sonic burgers. Bad location for some reason, not the first restaurant to fail at that spot.

  4. Forgive me, but what was the name of the place that closed down. Reading the piece, I didn’t recognize any names…was it “Burger House”… if so, I have never heard of the place. If that’s the case, perhaps the issue was marketing? I live in Rowlett, go to Church in Rockwall and frequent a few places in the Rockwall area…all that to say, that I’ve never heard of this place. Best of luck at your next stop…maybe folks will hear about who you are…