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Making Dallas Even Better

Public Hearing Notice: The Future of the Dallas Farmers Market Will Be Discussed This Thursday

The efforts to privatize the Dallas Farmers Market have been futile and the city of Dallas’ efforts to energize the DFM have been quagmired in chaos. I’d love to see someone swoop in and make the DFM a destination for residents, framers, and visitors. However, the emergence of Phil Romano’s Trinity Groves project in West […]

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Haven’t Made Easter Brunch Reservations Yet? It’s Not Too Late…

That headline is meant to assuage my fear of eating at In-N-Out after Sunday service since I haven’t made my reservation yet. Have you? I have a feeling I won’t be eating a dainty Easter brunch like the rest of the non-procrastinators. Well, don’t let my sad life prevent you from changing the course of […]

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Report From 2012 Savor Dallas: Wine Panel Tasting Seminar

One of the most interesting sessions at this year’s Savor Dallas was a tasting a panel of winemakers and wine experts. The winemakers were Dr. Richard Becker of Becker Vineyards, Stephanie Putnam, Director of Winemaking at Raymond Vineyards,  Mike Trujillo, the President and Director of Winemaking at Sequoia Grove, and Mike Martini of Louis M. […]

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Report From 2012 Savor Dallas: Top Ten Dishes Served at International Grand Tasting

The popular International Grand Tasting at Savor Dallas 2012 took place on Saturday night at Irving Convention Center in Las Colinas. Organizers noted the move from Dallas to Irving was to make it easier for the residents of Fort Worth to attend.  Any worry that the change in venue would deter event patrons was quickly […]

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Report From 2012 Savor Dallas: How To Pair Wine and Cheese

I used to think that wine and cheese went together because cheese ameliorated some of the deficiencies in wine. It turns out I was wrong. This weekend, two experts in cheese and wine pairing presented a fascinating seminar, “The Perfect Pairing of Wine and Cheese,” to raise funds for the American Institute of Wine and […]

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