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13 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Went to Chicken Scratch…the chicken rocked, the sides I had were a tad lackluster. Whatever – I could make a meal just off the chicken and the pickles, and my little one had a ball hopscotching and bean bag tossing. We’ll be back, and I’ll try some of the other side offerings. The biscuits and the next table looked pretty good.

  2. Went to Amici’s in Carrollton for lunch yesterday. Glad to see them back after the fire last year. Had a great dish with chicken, Italian sausage, a light tomato sauce and pasta. Friends had pan seared fish with broccoli, corn and pasta. Everyone enjoyed their food, and service was very good.

    Napoli’s in Grapevine last Friday night. Decent food, friendly service and an awesome chocolate/gelato shop. Save room for dessert!!

  3. We went to Off Site Kitchen on Satruday am. It was so good– we had alot of things from Burgers, to tacos, to the fries, the fleetwood ham sammie and dessert. And honestly nothing disappointed. What I loved the most? That the staff was extremely helpful with suggestions, they seemed so happy we were there and it just overall improved the whole experience. We went at 11 so there was not a problem parking or getting a seat.

    I will be back.

    The BF would go back just for the poster of Farrah Fawcett on the wall in the Red Bathing Suit. :)

  4. Love Off Site Kitchen

    Great Food, Great Prices, Great Music, Great Atmosphere


  5. Visited Sissy’s for the first time. They have done a great job with the re-model of Hectors, it looks really nice in there. Started with their specialty cocktails, they were overly sweet, and not worth repeating. Appetizers of Fried oysters and squash hushpuppies were very good. Fried chicken was excellent. The chicken fried steak was not enjoyed by the person that ordered it, apparantly it had too much breading and the whole dish was not hot. The roasted redfish was a miniscule portion of fish over undercooked hominy.
    The major problem of the evening was the service. Inept at every step of the way, and some sort of issue in the kitchen. It was a 55 minute wait for entrees after the order was placed (we did not order until after appetizers). We arrived around 6:20 PM and left at 9:15 (no dessert). While there were some good dishes, overall there is not a compelling reason to return.

  6. Good to know about Sissy’s – maybe Ms. Garza should rethink the policy of only hiring people with a nice headshot.

  7. Ate at home all week, but found out they’re putting a Torchy’s Tacos into the old Tin Star space in Allen.

  8. Cane Rosso for a birthday party for six Tuesday night. We loved the white mussel pies courtesy of Jon Alexis of TJ’s Seafood who was kind enough to bring the needed ingredients to Cane Rosso on Tuesday night because he was Monday nights “guest chef” and we couldn’t change our plans to have the birthday party Monday. Jay and Jon ~ Thank you so much for going to the trouble of making our party a great success.
    Jay, you’ve got to put that white mussel pie on the menu!

  9. I went to Hanabi Japanese Bistro in Richardson for lunch this week. It’s at the corner of Arapaho and Plano Rd. Have passed by it numerous times and wondered if it would be any good and finally took the plunge this week. The food is quite tasty and the prices are reasonable. The monkey ball appetizer (fried mushrooms stuffed with spicy tuna) is delicious. Not too fried and has a nice kick to it. The sashimi isn’t as good as Sushi Sake but it was about half the price. Definitely check it out if you’re in the neighborhood.

    Also went to Off-Site Kitchen. The staff is so nice and the burgers are awesome. I also had a bite of my friend’s chicken taco which I have been seriously craving ever since.

  10. I was at Blu Ginger Thai Cafe . A soothing experience with the Thai Lanterns and Mini water fountains.
    This restaurant is located at 6550 N. MacArthur Blvd. #150 ,Las Colinas Irving, Texas 75039. I love this place for a late Saturday lunch , especially for its quite & calm afternoon ambience.

    The menu is quite innovative and dramatic with recipes such as The Reunion – Appetizer Sampler (Shrimps,chicken satays,Swing dumplings,crispy rolls,golden nuggets topped it all with some sensation sauces) . My personal favorite is their Shrimp Mussamun curry – a spicy coconut based with peanuts,potatoes and onions. Born in a coastal region,the curry is a good heartfelt dish when served with steamed white rice.

    My friend tried their Drunken Master (pad kee mow) – Fresh flat rice noodle with fresh basil leaves, broccoli, onion,tomato,bell peppers, lettuce. This is our all time favorite at Blu Ginger ! I also ordered their fried basil which they normally serve with Angkura Spicy Salmon – another good curry !

    The service is good and the staff is nice ! Will definitely visit this place again !

  11. oops, I’m a week late… but I had exactly the opposite impression of Sissy’s and I think everyone should try it. I love that Ms. Garza personalized her staff, it fits perfectly. Don’t know why everyone was so hung up about that. It’s a theme per se. Her staff fit that theme. And I’ve always had excellent service. Been twice and send all my friends when they ask me what’s the new place to try. I’ll be back lots!

  12. Went to Perry’s Steakhouse on Friday for the famed Pork Chop Special for lunch ($11.95), which may be the best deal on this particular planet. The service alone was worth $11.95.The chop is smoked for a day, then roast for a day, then carmelized, etc. If you think you’ve already had the best pork chop in your life, but have never visited Perry’s….you haven’t. Such a luxurious dining room, too.