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7 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Off Site Kitchen was great. Felt like I was in a decades old establishment. I had the Brough-Ham Fleetwood which is a fresh bun with ham, swiss, roasted pork shoulder, bacon relish, pickles, and slaw. I am sure I am not the first person to say it is amazingly-stupid tasty.

  2. Cane Rosso for a birthday last Saturday. Most everything was terrific, as usual. The Angioletti appetizer, fried dough which tastes like a savory almost-funnel cake, is still a favorite. The four newbies in our group all really enjoyed their pizzas. Will say, though, myself and one other ordered the Delia, and we were both disappointed with how little of the bacon marmalade came on the pizza. I had the Delia a couple times before, and both times the marmalade was applied much more generously. On this visit, there was so little of the marmalade, that it was basically just a really good arugula pizza. Could hardly taste the “star” topping at all.

    I still love the place, but maybe I’ll branch out more in the future.

    Holy Grail Pub last night. Excellent brisket sandwich and $3 Texas drafts on happy hour. Wife’s burger was good, too.

  3. Off Site Kitchen for me too. Cheeseburger and fries. It was delicious, meat was super tasty. I almost went for the spam burger, but I will def get it next time. OSK was a little difficult for me to find, parking was scarce. Do not attempt to park in front of Martinez Produce, they will make you move. I think I have crush on Nick B.

  4. Chicken sandwich at Three-Sheets. Probably the most bland chicken sandwich I’ve ever eaten.

  5. Chop House Burger downtown with friends. I was reluctant (I hate going downtown) at first but my friends convinced me I’d enjoy it.
    One of the best cheeseburgers I’ve had in a long time. It looked like it was a 1/2 LB. And, they actually cooked it rare/medium rare as asked! The fries were excellent and the manager kept going around asking people how everything was. Cheap, too! My total bill was $9.10. I’ll be back.

    Pappadeauxs (Oaklawn) for their Thursday after 5:00PM oyster special. Had three dozen delicious, large, plump and clean GULF oysters at $5.99 per with an excellent Spanish Sauvignon Blanc. The place was packed!

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  7. Bordinos in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Decided to visit after reading about Fayetteville as a nifty destination in the last issue of D magazine. D was right, it’s a very cool town. Wild boar linguini was awesomely good. Rise no 1 was good but someone needs to tell them that if they can’t resource good artichokes, then they should only serve them in season. $12 for a tough, meatless artichoke is bad.