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Scratch Paper Recipe from House of Plates: John Tesar’s Brioche French Toast

John Tesar's recipe for Brioche French.

Once a month, we’re going to start featuring a recipe from one of your favorite bartenders/chefs/baristas in Dallas. Please thank the dudes over at House of Plates who came up with the scratch paper recipe idea. They’re being very generous by letting us steal their images.

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So I’ve been emailing HOP for the past 24 hours in trying to get their approval, and the whole exchange turned into a weird Q&A. Observe:

Tesar's actual handwriting. Someone should sell this on Ebay.

CS: Hey, tell me a little about yourselves and what ya’ll are doing with House of Plates. Need a short blurb that I can post along with the images.

HOP: House of Plates is comprised of a group of close friends/Dallas natives that wanted to combine passions for local food and music …mostly. We used the blog to delve further into the Dallas’ concert and restaurant scene. It started pretty organically as an after-work gig, and just recently, we re-launched as a professional site, allowing our concepts [such as ‘Tunes ‘N' Spoons’ and ‘Scratch Paper,’] to reach our audience in much cooler ways.

As to the origins of Scratch Paper, we wanted to create something straight-forward and different. Reading recipes from talented local chefs is great but to see how they write, how they think… it totally takes to another level. We think it peels back the curtain a bit. Pretty damn fun.

CS: What are your names and day time jobs? Is this your day time job now?

HOP: Egh, we kinda keep a dl. Don’t want our day jobs to think it’s a distraction. No, not the day job ; )

CS: Iiiinteresting. You guys are mysterious. So there’s two of ya’ll? Three? Are ya’ll dudes or women or something in between?

HOP: 4 dudes and a mixed bag of contributors in and when they have time.

CS: Can’t believe you got to sit down with the Civil Wars at Oddfellows. Jealous jealous jealous jealous. PLEASE invite me next time and I will love you 4eva.

HOP: John Paul and Joy are two of the nicest artists we’ve hosted. We have them periodically. Erykah Badu, M83, and Foster The People are a few tentatives for the next Tunes N Spoons. Unconfirmed, though. If we can open up room for one of them, we’ll let you know.

CS: Thank you, sir.

HOP: hat tipped.

— To see the original recipe, visit House of Plates’ website and show them some love. SideDishers, if you decide to make this recipe, send me a photo. I’d like to see how it turns out.

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