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Bolsa Mercado Turns Its Burglary into a Funny Video

On Saturday night, I popped into Bolsa Mercado an hour or so before closing. Everything was fine. All was still. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Little did I know that five hours later, at 2 AM on Sunday morning, owner Christopher Zielke would receive a call in the middle of the night because someone broke into his store. “It was just a cash register and broken glass window,” says Zielke. Nothing to cry about, but the thief had also stolen a huge sum of cash from the register. Usually Zielke empties the register and leaves it by the window to tell wannabe burglars, “Hey, look, no money for you,” but that night he forgot this habit of his.

“I think it’s the same person who’s been stealing from Oddfellows, Eno’s, and Bolsa. He goes directly for the cash registers and doesn’t touch anything else. He’s in-and-out within 30 seconds,” says Zielke.

Zielke, who wanted something positive to come out of this, collaborated with Elliot Munoz to make a short video immortalizing the Bolsa Mercado burglar forever. That’s the story of how an every day thief turned into an advertising star in Dallas. Enjoy.

Be Patient from elliott munoz on Vimeo.

5 comments on “Bolsa Mercado Turns Its Burglary into a Funny Video

  1. Great idea. No more footage?
    He’s not a wine drinker, else he would have gone for the Merriman Old Vine Chenin blanc.

  2. Shocked the Bishop Arts/Oak Cliff groups are letting this out. It has been a LONG standing tradition to cover these incidents up and not let them get out to the public for fear of scaring off patrons.

    I like the make lemonade approach taken by bolsa. Not sure you could do the same with the personal robberies and shooting that recently occurred.

  3. You have to remember you are on Davis Street. If you are not being broken into each night, then you ain’t popular. But thanks for the tip: if an empty cash trey is not next to the window, I guess there’s money in the register.