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Nammi Wants Sidedish Nation to Name Their Mascot

Nammi truck #2

Nammi’s little cute mascot is growing up. He started out as a cute little cartoon character on the first truck. But BIG NEWS FLASH: There is now Nammi truck #2, and the little boy is prominently featured. Nammi’s cutest food truck couple, Teena Nguyen and Garry Torres, has asked Sidedish nation to finally give the little guy a name.

Let’s step back a few months to May 2011, when the Nammi truck first appeared at a Deep Ellum event. It took Teena and Gary about a month or so to get their “truck legs,” but after that, they found their niche and have become one of the top food trucks in Dallas. Certainly, 16 hour days of hard, hard work contributed to their success.

Nammi’s signature menu item is the banh mi. They’ve got rice bowl and slider versions; however, it’s best if you just get the banh mi. As warmer weather arrives, pair it with Nammi’s sweet mint/basil lemonade. I’ve tried all of the different varieties, but I keep coming back to the BBQ pork banh mi.

Jump to name the “kid,” as well as more pictures and a great introductory video to Teena and Gary and their Nammi Vietnamese food truck.

Teena Nguyen and Gary Torres (credit: Kevin Marple)

20 comments on “Nammi Wants Sidedish Nation to Name Their Mascot

  1. Tho! Meaning “long living” in Vietnamese and let’s all hope Nammi is here forever!

  2. Stopped by Nammi for the first time this week — great bbq pork banh mi and lemongrass beef rice bowl (wife and I wanted to try a couple of different presentations). Will absolutely be there again — one of their regular evening locations is on my way home — much more convenient than a run up to La Me.

  3. I assumed its name was “Nammi”…what does that mean? Wet? I think you should just go with that. Or maybe Douli (Dǒulì, I know, it’s Chinese) for his hat or Dac (as in đặc biệt).

  4. Name him “Bi” (Bee). It’s what most Vietnamese households call the baby of the family.

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