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Making Dallas Even Better

Head South To the Punta Mita Gourmet and Golf Classic

Celebrity chefs, tasty tequila, great golf, five star resorts and plenty of sunshine….each is a perfectly good reason to journey south of the boarder to luxurious Punta Mita, Mexico.  Why not enjoy them all in a festival bringing each of these together in one fabulous weekend of food, wine, tequila and golf, playing Jack Nicklaus’s […]

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Restaurant Review: The Best Pastrami Sandwich in Dallas at Deli-News

As I opened the menu at Deli-News, the self-proclaimed “New York-style restaurant,” I casually asked my Brooklyn-born-and-raised Jewish friend what qualifies a delicatessen as New York style. Two hours later, I stumbled out of what could have been a long, neurotic Woody Allen movie. “It’s a Russian-Jewish thing,” he snapped. “You see this bagel. You […]

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Chefs for Farmers Announce Mixin’ it up on the Boulevard Line-Up for May 6

If you ever wanted to see a burger showdown, it might behoove you to attend this outdoor foodie fest where chefs like John Tesar and Jack Perkins will be joining over thirty amazing chefs to celebrate the local farm movement. Chef Matt McCallister, Iris McCallister, and Christina LaBarba are organizing this showcase for May 6 […]

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Manuel’s Creative Cuisine to Open in Dallas on March 19

Chef Manuel Arredondo is almost ready for his Dallas debut. Currently Chef Arrendondo and his wife, Vinny, operate two well-respected locations of Manuel’s in Mexico:  one the historic town of Ajijic in Chapala, Jalisco, and the other in Palmilla near Los Cabos. They will open in Dallas on March 19 at the Centrum in the […]

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