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Salt Lick BBQ is Coming to DFW Airport

I can’t believe my eyes. According to its website, DFW’s Terminal A is getting some quality BBQ later this fall when Salt Lick opens inside the airport as part of the DFW Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (TRIP). Looks like there’s no need to drive all the way out to Driftwood or Round Rock for those monster beef ribs that Bobby Flay once dubbed “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.”

Is anyone else as excited as I am???? This almost makes up for the fact that DFW doesn’t have free wi-fi.

12 comments on “Salt Lick BBQ is Coming to DFW Airport

  1. There is another one of these at the Choctaw Casino in Durant OK – I drove up there the day after I heard about it opening and it was HORRIBLY disappointing. The greatness of Salt Lick had clearly licensed their names to a couple random guys – other than the sign and the sauce there was ZERO relation to the real thing. Don’t get too excited, this is likely the same deal.

  2. How does this work for any Dallas/Fort Worth residents unless they are traveling? Don’t you have to be a ticketed passenger to get to the dining areas within the airport terminals? Don’t get me wrong, I’d plan extra time to fit in in coming or going, but what if your just up for grabbing dinner?

  3. Salt Lick is some of the worst food, I’ve ever had. Thirty years ago, it was great. The one in the Austin airport is nasty! Salt Lick is right up there with Hard 8.

  4. They did same licensing type agreement with their location in Las Vegas — that’s right, LAS VEGAS — and it bombed. Terrrrrible food there. Don’t get your hopes up for good BBQ at the DFW location.

  5. outside of the atmosphere and the sauce (and maybe the potatos), Salt Lick is highly overrated.

  6. The Salt Lick in Driftwood is not overrated. If you are going to satellite locations, you can’t expect the same flavor and taste as the original. It’s like ordering a steak at Chili’s and expecting Steakhouse quality. You have to go where the food really shines.

  7. I am excited. I just had Salt Lick at the Austin airport, and it hit the spot. I was not impressed with their potato salad, but the pulled pork sandwich, bread & sauce was excellent.

  8. My everlovin’ and I made the pilgrimage to Driftwood based on the buzz that had been building for lo, these many years. The place has atmosphere in spades. Easily the most visually appealing BBQ “joint” I’ve seen. The food was good, too, although I have to say, not a 3.5 hour drive better than what can be had at any of several places right here in the DFW area. My knowledge of BBQ places is far from encyclopedic, but for starters, I’d put North Main BBQ in Euless and Lockhart Smokehouse in Oak Cliff above Salt Lick.

  9. Salt Lick can stay in Driftwood as far as I’m concerned. Worst BBQ in the state. Their Austin neighborhood store had to close up. They’re strictly for people who don’t understand real Texas BBQ. Terribly overrated in my opinion!

  10. I guess we will agree to disagree. If you are Austin and want good ‘cue, Lockhart, TX is only 45 minutes away.

    Elaine – North Main does have some of the best in town. Especially in a town lacking in good ‘cue