A Car Plowed Through Jimmy’s Food Store

The DMN reports that an elderly woman crashed her car into the front side of Jimmy’s Food Store, a popular Italian grocery store and deli, around 3:30 pm. Thank the universe no one was seriously injured, but some wine and tables were destroyed during the drive-in (not really a drive-by, is it?). Jimmy’s fans can rejoice, though; manager Jeff White says that the store will resume normal business hours tomorrow since the sandwich counter is unharmed.

Good grief, it looks like Jimmy’s has had its fair share of bad luck. 2004 marked the year Jimmy’s suffered a terrible fire, and now a car just went and plowed through it.

6 comments on “A Car Plowed Through Jimmy’s Food Store

  1. WOW! what a nightmare…glad no one was hurt! I often do samplings at Jimmy’s and the store has become really well-known. It is a destination for many people who live in the metroplex. I am sure they will have it fixed…and probably improved in no time.

  2. Either the car hit the front or it hit the side. In the term “front side” the point of impact makes one of those words unnecessary, though, of course, being rear-ended is possible.

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  4. I’m so glad no one was seriously hurt! I moved here a year ago from N Jersey, and finding Jimmy’s gave me a little bit of home, since I was missing my amazing little family run Italian markets/delis…that are scattered all over where I’m from! Their ground-to-order sausage is a staple in my Sunday gravies, and Turkey Day dishes! *As a side note, you can say “frontside,” inversely “backside,” in describing a location; in regards to either the store’s, or the car’s point of impact.