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Making Dallas Even Better

Spread Eagle Saloon Spreads its Wings Today

Krista Nightengale discovered breastaurant-ish Spread Eagle Saloon last August, and since then we’ve been eager to see how its marketing team would deal with such a, uh, wonderful name. Turns out today is owner Scott Scripps’ Grand Opening Party featuring $3 drinks and live entertainment starting at 8pm. I’d rewrite the rest of the press […]

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Sissy’s Fried Chicken Makes You Feel Right at Home

It’s no secret that I avoid fried chicken like a bad disease. Something about fried chicken makes me want to look, sniff, and throw it back inside the KFC container it came in. Yet Sissy’s fried chicken is something else entirely. Paired with a fresh housemade Sriracha sauce, this Lisa Garza special has that hard-to-find balance […]

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