Main Street Garden Cafe Looking for New Operator

The news that was released today about the spot that was once the Lily Pad makes me sad. Downtown Dallas Inc. is looking for a new operator to fill the space. For the past two years, it’s been run by Doug Brown of Beyond the Box. He decided to not renew the lease. So if you’re interested in doing a street-food place downtown, contact Dustin Bullard at (You get two years free rent.)

Until someone signs a lease, Joshua Florence (who brought us Homegrown Music and Art Festival and City Tavern) will be in the spot. He’s doing a pop-up concept and will have food, drink, and music.

Though I’m sad about this (the Lily Pad had such an amazing group of people running it), I’m excited about the potential of the spot. Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see there.

3 comments on “Main Street Garden Cafe Looking for New Operator

  1. Knock out the wall and make it an open air bar. Make the place more open to the patio and park. The Lily Pad setup felt like ordering from a drive-through window. Not very personal.

  2. I always thought it was strange that they were trucking in certain items. For example, they did not have the ability to cook breakfast burritos in the Cafe, so they brought them from another kitchen. I think that’s silly. Even if you’re cooking and ingredients are top notch they just aren’t going to be as good as they ought to be. I hope whoever takes over thinks out a menu that can be handled within the space. Although, a vent-a-hood and fire suppression system is going to be quite expensive. If too expensive they ought to at least truck in items that can handle it. Delivering, holding, and reheating eggs is just a terrible idea from any perspective. Downtown Dallas Inc. seems to be requiring breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that will be tough. However, with proper planning (AND TWO YEARS RENT FREE HOLY COW!!) it’s definitely possible. Pastries, baked goods, specialty coffee, fruit, granola, oatmeal, breakfast/lunch paninis, unique salads..Use slow-cooked meats that hold on a steam table well…I really wish I could do it.

  3. What I wish is that there would be some/more than one/restaurants or stands in the Downtown Farmers Mkt area for people to make more of a destination or have another reason to stop and shop there…there are now quite a few condos and residences that might also support that too.