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John Tesar’s Spoon Bar and Kitchen Will Not Open in Original Space in Preston Center

In mid-January, John Tesar announced his new restaurant, Spoon Bar and Kitchen, would open in the former the 24-Hour Fitness space, next to the soon-to-open Hopdoddy Burger Bar. Early this morning, I received an email from a representative of Rosebriar Holdings. It says:

Rosebriar Holdings owns the building where 24 Hour Fitness was located in Preston Center, and we have seen the on line article stating that “Spoon” restaurant would be opening in the building this summer. We were in discussions with John Tesar, his financial partner, and their brokers, and we have decided not to lease space to the new concept in our building. We wanted you to have this information before any further discussions or any additional articles were printed or published. We don’t have any further comments.

I’ve emailed Tesar for comment but I have not heard back. According to his Facebook page, he is in the Bahamas.

UPPITY DATE: I just received an email from John Tesar:

I am in Bahamas cooking on a private island phone and texts are spotty. I just found out that we had a problem and it’s not really a problem. Rosebriar pulled the rug out it seems for more money from someone else. I had a lease in its final phase they sent it to us for final review. I have hired a designer and an architect you saw the plans. I have no idea. My partner is livid and I am in shock. Spoon will happen, just not in that location as it seems this morning.

  • DallasGirl

    Tesar has got to understand that he needs to focus on the Commissary a little bit more. Control the fly issues, and stop dishing out raw and I mean raw burgers.

  • Riversider

    Dallas Girl I know what you mean about Commissary. We went and it was horrible. I never heard the end of it from my family who I dragged there. We live out of town and we wasted a meal in Dallas there.

  • PL

    Isn’t that the same space that Hopdoddy Burgers (Austin) is rumored to be taking?

  • Carpe Diem

    Tesar’s burgers were never raw. It was the cooking technique that left them with the pink coloring and the staff never did a good job of explaining that. He left The Commissary a while ago anyway.

  • DallasGirl

    Carpe Diem – trust me I like a rare burger, but if you saw what was I my plate you would have been shocked.

  • Bobby Ewing

    Score one PR victory for Rosebriar Holdings by getting the news out and trying to control the message ahead of any spin from the restaurant folks.

  • Erin

    Tell him to come to The Harbor in Rockwall – we’d love to have him here, its the perfect spot, amazing location, tons of people and the Rockwall would be all the better for it!